DUI Prosecution & DUI Diversion

DUI Prosecution

The past ten years have seen a judicial and legislative movement designed to increase the penalty for DUI offenders. The DUI attorneys at Coit & Payment counter this trend with vigorous and conscientious defense for Oregon DUI law violations.

A large portion of Oregon DUI arrests and prosecutions are not DUI diversion eligible. For such cases, the stakes are high and the chance of incarceration is real. Our lawyers provide the skilled advocacy you need on your side during DUI plea negotiations and trials. Our DUI attorneys use many of the best methods to effectively defend clients charged with DUI in Oregon. We employ a number of effective tactics when defending clients charged with DUI, including private investigation, use of forensic experts to attack breathalyzer results and field sobriety tests (FSTs), accident reconstruction, and motions to suppress evidence and statements obtained by violation of your constitutionally protected rights.

DUI Diversion

Most first-time Oregon DUI offenders are eligible for the Oregon DUI diversion and deferred prosecution program. Although the laws pertaining to Oregon DUI diversion are complex, our attorneys can quickly screen your case for Oregon DUI diversion eligibility. The DUI diversion period typically lasts for one year. DUI diversion involves completing drug and/or alcohol treatment classes, paying court fines and monitoring fees, and attending the victim impact panel.  Unless an exemption applies, the ignition interlock device (IID) is required to be installed in any vehicle driven by the individual during the period of diversion.  So long as the individual has completed all of the diversion requirements at the end of the diversion period, the DUI is dismissed.

There are critical time deadlines associated with Oregon DUI diversion entry. In order to preserve your rights following an arrest for DUI, call our attorneys immediately. If your case is eligible, our attorneys will navigate you through the Oregon DUI diversion process with an eye towards dismissal of your case.